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Brera Holdings Limited

Brera Holdings Limited is an Irish holding company focused on expanding social impact football by developing consulting and professional football services that build on the legacy and brand of the Brera Football Club, or Brera FC. Brera FC has been building an alternative football legacy focused on bottom-up value creation from less-visible as well as underexploited sports clubs and talent, yielding both economic growth and responsible, socially-impactful outcomes. As we move forward, we hope to expand and further monetize Brera FC’s bottom-up value creation model by tapping into its global football network of emerging football teams in multiple and emerging geographic markets. To that end, we are developing our “Global Football Group” portfolio of professional football clubs modeled on the collaborative, brand-aligned holding company structure of Manchester, England-based City Football Group Limited. Under our Global Football Group structure, we intend to acquire or franchise top division football clubs and players in Europe (main world football market) and middle-top division clubs in other emerging markets (Africa, South America, Asia): the first with a sustainability approach, due to a focus on the achievement of ambitious sporting goals and on transfer market, the latter with an ESG approach.


Brera FC has strong international relationships, due to its long history of international player rosters and “cult club” status, with many fans outside Italy, and its ability to start football projects on an international level. For example, our first team in the 2003/2004 and 2006/2007 seasons included ItaloArgentine players; we participated in the Viareggio Tournament with a team that included young Gabonese football players; our practice of twinning with similar clubs outside Italy, such as the Brooklyn Italians in the United States; and the organization of the FENIX Trophy, the first European tournament recognized by UEFA for cult amateur clubs. This continuous flow of ESG projects makes Brera FC a distinguished social impact reference in the football industry.

We intend to build on this experience by acquiring and franchising football teams across a number of emerging geographic regions with equally emerging football talent, helping them grow like Brera FC, and deriving related and potentially substantial revenue opportunities.

Each acquisition or operation will be conducted with the utmost respect for the local partners, traditions, and cultures. Our plan is to develop a women’s football section in every country we acquire a club in, to increase awareness and social impact.

Why invest in Brera?

We intend to show a path for a more sustainable approach to professional football, which is facing an endemic financial crisis and is seeking for new innovation solutions, through the use of unconventional routes and undiscovered markets with the aim to unleash their full potential, all while having access to the rich history of football in Milan, Italy.